gemini — 22.07.2012 14:15:40


Sorry if this topic in the wrong section, but i wanna know how i login to here … %3D1313204

Because its not accepted my password. and if i click on Forget it give me Error.

Any help appreciated.


Px — 22.07.2012 14:22:26

Send your login to me via PM, I'll set you new password

gemini — 22.07.2012 14:27:11

Hi Px,

Thank you for reply, but its now login and i setup the profile.

Thank you

Sad-Flute — 30.07.2012 19:48:46

what happen to stats ?? no player found

Px — 30.07.2012 20:41:03

No player - no problem! (Inspired by J. Stalin)

Sad-Flute — 30.07.2012 20:43:16

Px написал:

No player - no problem! (Inspired by J. Stalin)

:D u reset all ?? when it will be back ?

Px — 30.07.2012 20:46:33

I didn't do anything, so if you experiencing some problems, you should make more meaningful report ;)

Dudo — 30.07.2012 21:16:20

U need to make a new id for stats.
And really i too cant see my stats of my clan and mine.whts the problem with stats px?

Px — 30.07.2012 21:27:10

Ok, Stats DB table was broken, now repaired

Dudo — 30.07.2012 21:30:35

i can see my stats now
thanks px