gemini — 01.04.2013 20:10:49

Hi IPT Administration,

As we all are aware regarding the last action done by IPT Administration due to the notice from the "Valve corporation". All Players of IPT including local players of ukrain are not able to join servers both "low and high" as well DeathMatch.

There are 95% percent of players are non-steamers and in them 80% percent are unaware about the Steam stuff. Before they start asking hundreds of questions i think its your administration staff responsibility to post the details and Faqs about this that include/cover all from "How to" and "How can" topics.

One of the most important question are What IPT administration decide about the Servers Live or shutdown, as we can see those servers are Inactive due to the percentage of non-steamers. So Are you still interested to Alive the servers ?

Most of players included me are only interested to purchasing steam accounts because of "IPT High Latency" servers. Kindly confirm us so we start the process of purchasing the accounts as well process too.

My kind regards
[unstoppable] Gemini

gemini — 01.04.2013 23:14:29

Okay Guys, i accept that, i was the Biggest Fool here. No problem... it happened... :/ :mad: