eclipse — 17.08.2021 20:33:04

Hello Dear Friends

I noticed the servers are down just as me and my brothers decided to play a game :facepalm: ... are you guys shutting down the server or is it just temporary? I REALLY REALLY hope this server come back to live with plenty of good times and friends like the old days.

Px — 17.08.2021 21:47:39

It was temporary, not sure if anyone still playing there, but nevertheless Iron fixed it

eclipse — 17.08.2021 21:57:24

Thanks for you and Iron :bye:

Px — 18.08.2021 09:52:39

Btw, server where those game ports are running is now run by its last customer, Iron is just providing technical support. When that person will decide to pull the plug off, everything game-related will go down, and I would not bother moving it to any other place :)