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Re: English?

When typing /me_gui while alive.

Now: This stat is displayed only to dead players
Correct: These stats are displayed to dead players only.

наш вариант множественного числа:
1) N-PLURAL Stats are facts which are obtained from analysing information expressed in numbers. Stats is an abbreviation for `statistics'.

не наш вариант единтсвенного числа, когда речь идет о статистике как науке:
2) N-UNCOUNT Stats is a branch of mathematics concerned with the study of information that is expressed in numbers. [INFORMAL]

текущий термин не относится к статистике:
stat I [stat] for ■ photostat ■ statistic ■ thermostat II [stat] (in a medical direction or prescription) immediately

only синтаксически лучше ставить в конце, хотя точного правила привести не могу

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